Stephen Milligan

It was alleged at the time by Scallywag magazine that Stephen Milligan was originally approached by the security services to attempt to dissuade a well-known footballer coming towards the end of his career from continuing to hawk his story of gay sex sessions with two then serving cabinet ministers around Fleet Street. Milligan was a well respected MP and  part time journalist. Milligan allegedly approached the footballer who was not prepared to drop his attempts to sell the story. Milligan allegedly reported back to the security services who informed Milligan that unless the footballer did keep matters quiet he would be eliminated. Apparently there was more to the story than simply the gay sex aspect, the introduction of the footballer to the cabinet ministers was allegedly arranged by a third party who had very close links with an extremely powerful paedophile ring. The implication was that the cabinet ministers may also have been involved with the paedophile ring although this was not confirmed in the Scallywag report, however it was very clearly hinted at. It was allegedly decided by the security services that the potential damage to the British Constitution if the story got out was so great that it would not only bring down the government but could also destablise the entire concept of parliamentary democracy. The cabinet ministers involved were very high profile indeed and the alleged paedophile link, if revealed, would have had a catastrophic effect on not only public confidence in domestic government but would have had repercussions on the image of Britain right around the world. When Milligan realised that the threat to murder the footballer was in fact serious, he allegedly panicked. He had not realised that he was being dragged into something with such serious implications and, being an extremely moral and decent man, it wasn't something he was prepared to be involved with or to go along with. He allegedly made one more unsuccessful attempt to convince the footballer to back down, even warning the footballer that his life was in danger. The footballer didn't believe that this sort of thing could go on in modern day Britain and continued to attempt to sell the story, which no editor to that date had been brave enough to publish. Milligan was allegedly informed by the security services that, his efforts at dissuasion having failed, the footballer would be killed with his death being made to look like an accident. Milligan then allegedly threatened the security services that  if anything happened, he would tell the whole story to The Sunday Times. Shortly afterwards Stephen Milligan died, having apparently hanged himself and being found with a satsuma in his mouth. He had no previous history of kinky or unusual sexual practices whatsoever and, despite their utmost efforts to do so, the national press were unable to find any evidence whatsoever that he had anything other than an extremely conventional sex life. Indeed, it was generally reported that sex and sexuality appeared not to have played a significant part in his life at all. The footballer was allegedly approached directly after Milligan's death by the security services and, now realising that they had been prepared to kill a sitting MP to keep the story quiet, realised for the first time that his life was in danger.  He allegedly accepted a sum of money in return for his silence.

 Perceptions: Law or justice?

Senior criminal perverts recently caught in Britain were a paedophile English High Court judge, paedophile senior English diplomat, paedophile prison governor and paedophile elite school chaplain. The first two were caught by junior policemen and junior customs officers, in trawl operations out of reach of control by senior officers. The paedophile High Court judge walked out of court unpunished. - not even held in custody. His crimes were dismissed - by a fellow High Court judge. We speculate that the creation of the CPS has since protected elite paedophiles from prosecution. [Crown Prosecution Service staffed by LAWYERS, to oversee and limit police prosecutions]

Do we now see the elite - acting through senior judges - moving to shackle Customs officers - to protect VIP criminal perverts?

9 June 2000 - English judges demand that Customs officers be prevented from prosecuting paedophiles! "Perceptions" speculates that if the prosecution decision is left to CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) ie. LAWYERS) - then paedophile diplomats and judges will be completely safe again. [The lawyers' in the CPS do not encourage the prosecution of judges - not even child-molesting judges]

From "The Independent" legal section - 9 June 2000 :- QUOTE "Yesterday the Attorney General, Lord Williams of Mostyn, ordered a review of the role of Customs and Excise." UNQUOTE

'Customs' Note :- OUTCOMES SHOW PAEDOPHILES ARE COMMON IN AUTHORITY ELITES: JUDGES, SENIOR LAWYERS, CHURCHMEN, STATE-SECURITY, POLITICIANS, POLICE & MAGISTRATES the only likely success in catching paedophiles is by way of international liaison & Customs operations. We believe this explains the ongoing conspiracy in legal, political and (some) media circles to discredit HM Customs and to deprive them of powers of investigation & prosecution.

UPDATE 2001/2 - several high profile trials on charges brought by HM Customs have mysteriously "collapsed" in court - thereby allowing judges to give Customs officers a bad name in Government circles (although probably the bad decisions were made by lawyers then blamed on Customs officers). [Government and parliament is heavily polluted with barristers and other legal types who, as a group are likely to share the predilections of certain judges]

"Perceptions" 'CPS' note :- Analysis of CPS outcomes show they choose to limit their sex-prosecutions to "disturbed" working-class offenders damaged by paedophile abuse by "authority": protected VIPs. Majority of possible prosecutions against primary offenders - elite paedophiles - are suppressed by CPS. Conclusion:- virulent & powerful paedophile organization is protected & kept alive in Britain by corruption at senior level within Home Office, judiciary & CPS.