A Webmaster's comments with regards to a case in Australia.

Again we, the human population of the Earth discover that someone who we have charged with the responsibility of caring for the welfare of our society and its members is a cohort of evil. Don't tell me that the right horrible Peter Liddy during his 25 years on the bench has never sat in judgement over defendants who knew perfectly well what Peter Liddy was and is. There should be an urgent review of all of the cases Liddy was involved with. There should also be an investigation into the other magistrates who sided with him in any cases involving paedophiles or in instances where the judgements were in any way suspicious. This in no way infers that all of the other magistrates are corrupt but the possibility exists that some are. Liddy's severe, but justified sentence suggests to me that he may have kept his mouth shut. He would inevitably know other paedophiles. Who are they? How many are there? Every effort must be made to locate them and remove them from society. When psychlogist, Dr Michele Elliott interviewed convicted paedophiles for a 1995 study she discovered that almost 25% of them admitted to abusing between 10 and 40 victims. Who else's innocence has the revolting Liddy's corrupt and beastly behaviour destroyed? What other monsters stalk our precious children, protected by these 'old boys' networks that have infiltrated so deeply into the legal system? Time and again victims report the names of prominent persons yet these perpetrators are still free. Many frequently appear on television programmes and in newspapers haunting their victims and thereby emphasising their sense of futility should they dare to seek protection or legal justice. Among them there is Lord McAlpine who was 'advised' to leave Western Australia and Arthur C Clarke who even though he admitted to his perverted passions was still knighted. It seems that there are so many 'sworded' paedophiles that perhaps we should consider replacing their titles with a separate dis-honour just for them, Shites of the kinder-Garter-n. At least then people would see these viperous chameleons' true colours.